NKV Art trips /
Agenda 2012

  • The NKV Wiesbaden offers art trips exclusively for it's members. Under the direction of Dr. Elke Ullrich, art historian and member of the board, you have the possibility to you of traveling in a group with other members to exhibitions in Germany and Europe.

    All day trips are offered for a fixed price of 99 € per person. The prices for longer trips are listed in the information on the respective excursion.

    You can register with Dr. Elke Ullrich under 0611 941 02 07 or 0611 30 11 36 or by mail.

    Terms and conditions for the art trips

    The indicated prices are our cost prices per person. Please understand that short term changes may be possible and there is no guarantee for cancelations due to weather-conditions. The registration for art trip becomes only valid after receipt of payment on our account or after forwarding of a cheque. If you cancel your registration for personal reasons, a refund of your payment is only possible in exceptional cases. The NKV calculates the trips based on the existing registrations and strictly only passes on the cost price. Refunds are therefore exceptional, if due to the cancelation the cost structure changes, and/or if due to other unforeseeable reasons a considerable „surplus “ should result.