• Exhibition Poster, Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, 2020

    Zehra Doğan, Untitled, 2017, Courtesy and ©: the artist, Photo: Jef Rabillon

    Zehra Doğan, Untitled, 2017, Courtesy and ©: the artist, Photo: Jef Rabillon

    Der Kunst ihre Freiheit /

    Zehra Doğan

    24. January 2020 to 08. March 2020

    Opening / Thursday, January 23rd, 2020, 6pm


    The double exhibition is supported by Hessische Kulturstiftung.


    In cooperation with DJV Hessen

  • Under the second part of the Viennese maxim of To art its freedom is the first solo exhibition in Germany of Kurdish journalist and artist Zehra Doğan (*1989, Diyarbakır, Turkey) with a comprehensive selection of works from two creative periods. After Zehra Doğan was arrested in 2016 for a painting depicting the city of Nusaybin destroyed by the Turkish army and the news of a 10-year-old child shared on social media, the works of Clandestine Days (2017) were created after her release from five months of pre-trial detention. During this time, she was hiding in Istanbul. After her subsequent conviction for alleged terrorist propaganda in July 2017, the artist continued to work secretly under even more difficult conditions, even in Diyarbakir prison (2017-2018). With her paintings and drawings, Zehra Doğan advocates freedom of the press and expression, and archives with her art, a whole period of Turkish history. While she was denied access to paints in prison, she used cardboard, bed sheets, menstrual blood and leftover food to continue her artistic work. Thus, the works from this period reflect, the state of oppression and censorship, also through their materiality.

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