• Drang Strenge Muse /

    Semesterrundgang 2017


    Hochschule RheinMain

    21. July 2017 to 23. July 2017

    Opening / Thursday, July 20th, 2017 / 7 pm



  • Young and boisterous designers. Frenzied hearts – the Semester Exhibition on Communication Design: films, apps, corporate designs and magazines are only a fraction of the entirety of the art from Photoshop–deus ex machina.
    In the year of its 170th anniversary, the Nassauische Kunstverein Wiesbaden will display »DRANG STRENGE MUSE«, an exhibition from Wiesbaden’s communication designers. The title is composed as an endless anagram of the word “Semesterrundgang”. The title also functions as a metaphor for the production and removal of ideas within the creative thought process. The focus of the exhibition is set on the work of the bachelor graduates who offer a clear perspective of the world of communication design as it intersects with the transcendence of classical art, which is commonly tailored to benefit companies, private users, and institutions in every form of media. Everything from corporate design to photography, film and print to product design is responsively and professionally displayed.
    In addition to the graduation work there will be various other semester projects on display. The neighboring church St. Augustine of Canterbury will also present exciting film projects from Prof. Tom Schreiber´s film course and the best photography from previous semesters, ranging from digital to pinhole photography, demonstrating the variational capacity of the field of communication design.

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