• Alexander Paul Englert, Tao, Silke Scheuerman's dog, in the snow at the Johannesberg near Aschaffenburg, 2015, Courtesy and © the artist.

    Alexander Paul Englert, Niagara Falls, at the border between the U.S state of New York and the canadian province Ontario, 2009, Courtesy and © the artist.

    Alexander Paul Eenglert, theater photograph from the "Alice in Wonderland" play, based on Lewis Carroll's novel, stage director: Philipp Preuss, actress: Valery Tscheplanowa, 2010, Courtsey and © the artist.

    Alexander Paul Englert, the town of Listwjanka at the Lake Baikal, Sibiria, Russia, 202, Courtesy and © the artist.

    Alexander Paul Englert, Auberge de Temple during renovation, 2013, Courtsey and © the artist.


    Alexander Paul Englert

    with a text by Silke Scheuermann /


    18. March 2017 to 30. April 2017

    Opening / Friday, March 17th, 2017, 6 pm


    Radio drama in co-operation with Hessischer Rundfunk
    hr2-kultur, Neue Musik / Klangkunst
    Producer: Stefan Fricke
    Narrator: Armin Nufer
    Composition and piano: Andreas Wagner
    Sound engineer: Eberhard Bätza


    An illustrated book with photographs by Alexander Paul Englert and a narrative by Silke Scheuermann
    publisher: Edition Faust
    104 pages, four-color
    190 x 260 mm
    Euro 40,-
    ISBN 978-3945400326

  •  The Frankfurt photographer Alexander Paul Englert has transformed the book project Traumdiebstähle (2016, published by Edition Faust), which resulted from the collaboration with the award-winning author Silke Scheuermann, into a video installation, which for the first time can be seen from March 18 until April 30, 2017 at the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden. In this special NKVextra a photographic and literary narrative meet each other. Both interweave into a fantastic story about the smooth transition between reality and dream and the escape from everyday life.

    A business trip leads the management consultant and hero of the narrative to the Auberge de Rêve, a hotel somewhere between Bavaria and Hesse, in which guests from all over the world meet. Here he rediscovers a special ability: he can enter the dreams of others and influence them...

    Directed by Stefan Fricke the Hessischer Rundfunk has created a radio drama version of the text by Silke Scheuermann, with the actor Armin Nufer as narrator and the sound islands of the composer Andreas Wagner to the images of Alexander Paul Englert, and can be heard at the Nassau Art Association. The play will also be broadcasted in two parts on the 18th and 25th of September 2017 (11 pm-12 pm) by hr2-kultur.

    About the artists /
    Alexander Paul Englert (* 1960 in Freiburg/Breisgau) lives and works as an artist and freelance photographer in Frankfurt am Main. He has already exhibited in Guangzhou, China; Toronto, Canada; Vienna and Frankfurt am Main.

    Silke Scheuermann (* 1973 in Karlsruhe) lives and works in Offenbach am Main. In addition to numerous scholarships she received the Hölty Prize for poetry of the city and the Sparkasse of Hanover, the Bertolt-Brecht - Literaturpreis, as well as the Robert Gernhardt Award. Most recently, her novel "Wovon wir lebrten" was published by Schöffling & Co.

    Armin Nufer lives and works as a freelance actor, director, radio, and TV voice actor in Wiesbaden. He appeared in the TV series "Tatort" and at Schauspiel Frankfurt, as well as at the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden and organizes literary-musical readings.

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