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    Bjørn Melhus /


    16. March 2018 to 29. April 2018

    Opening / Thursday, March 15th, 2018 / 6 to 8 pm


  • "It is a tour de force using elements of fairy tales, musicals, comedy and horror films to scour our global psyche for ingrained promises of salvation, childhood traumata and the work ethic as it is affected by our desire or self-improvement."

    The experimental science-fiction short film FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE by Bjørn Melhus (*1966, Kirchheim unter Teck) questions ideologies of religiously shaped capitalism. Ideas and quotes from the self-proclaimed objectivist philosopher and writer Ayn Rand are confronted with evangelical content from American mainstream films.

    The contemporary fairy tale, in which Melhus plays all the characters himself, was shot among others in Istanbul and in a Berlin morgue. Against the backdrop of an unfathomable megalopolis, the protagonists cite concepts of neoliberal elitism combined with a mixture of religious delusions and apocalyptic hallucinations, the plot being associative. The film begins in a sacred space where Randi, a figure referring to Ayn ​​Rand, transforms a parapsychological medium into two digital clouds and sends them on their journey through the megalopolis. There they materialize as two bodies named Mr. Freedom and Ms. Independence.

    The metropolis, which is undergoing a transformation, appears to be designed only according to capitalist interests. For example, the public is threatened by capitalistically motivated privatizations. However, the alleged rescue by characters is imminent.

    About the artist /
    Originally coming from experimental film, Bjørn Melhus (* 1966, Kirchheim unter Teck) completed a study of fine art in the film and video class of Birgit Hein at the HBK Braunschweig from 1988 to 1997. His work includes films, videos and installations that have been shown internationally at numerous festivals as well as in group and solo exhibitions, including: Venice Biennale (1998/2011), Biennale in Istanbul (2003), MoMA, New York (2003), Whitney Museum, New York (2003), Center Pompidou, Paris (2006), Museo Tamayo, Mexico City (2007), Nam Jun Paik Art Center, Seoul (2014) and many more. Bjørn Melhus lives and works in Berlin. Since 2003 he is Professor of Virtual Realities, Fine Art, at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

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