• Russian Roulette

    26. October 2008 to 14. December 2008

    AES +F / Denegation / Tatjana Gorbatschewskaja / Heidi Hänninen / Inna Kasakowa / Maria Koschenkowa / Jekaterina Krupnowa / Natalia Loginowa & Pawel Oljuschkin / Alexej Meschtschanow / Georgy Ostretsow / Out of Focus / Slava Seidel / Julia Schumilowa / TeLo / Aleksej Tschebykin / Evgeny Umanskij / Julia Utyschewa

    Opening: October 25, 2008, 5 to 8 pm

    curated by Nadja Simakina

  • Yound Russian artists explore the phenomenon of Russian Roulette that has long since become a strange symbol for Russia, reflecting the various notions on "the crazy Russians". It is a game of life and death, blurred by uncounted romantic legends and stories, a means of intrigue and aesthetic suicide - a death play that must sometimes be the answer to the fatal question: Am I loved by destiny?

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