• Sergej Terentjev / Natural Selection

    14. October 2007 to 28. October 2007

    Opening: October, 13, 5 to 8 pm

    Come on, Art - introduction of Nadezdha Simakina / photography Andrej Tschernischev

    curated by Nadezdha Simakina and Katharina Klara Jun

  • To choose means always to reject something. We choose - we are chosen, and in fact, it is evolution by Darwin. It seems that each of us is the creator of one's happiness. But look, everything, it appears, is predetermined: by stars, parents, nature, politics, state, epoch. Some illusion of riches of choice is promised by the industry of consumption, but it is not so - it subordinates a person to its logic and spirit, style and the volume of money purse. Even the new heroes are chosen by Time but not by the Hero himself. Did Orlando want to become a woman or the necessity to be always perfect predetermined this transformation? Now his time has come, when changes of roles, gender, bodies, names, fate do not seem any more a utopic dream. Probably, today it is the logic of natural selection. 

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