• Stefanie Reling / Go NKV

    04. November 2007 to 02. December 2007

    Opening: November 3, 2007, 5 to 8 pm

    curated by Petra Bermes and Ulrike Hampl

  • During the exhibition Stefanie Reling / GO NKV, a fan kiosk will be put up where fan articles and souvenirs of the NKV are offered, comprising stickers, pins, postcards as well as the classics of soccer fan culture: caps, shawls, t-shirts ... The colours red and white from the NKV Logo make the basic colours of these articles. A fan booth will relate to the NKV Logo in form and colour.

    "I believe heaven is green"

    The space in between the cobblestones is paid attention mostly when beeing freed from weeds. Hardly anyone notices the shapes and patterns that these gaps between the stones form. For the NKV, some of these gaps will be filled with artificial lawn which look like a green surface hovering above the ground...

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