• Trust the Boys

    07. March 2009 to 09. March 2009

    Opening: March 7, 2009, from 7 pm


    Jonas Weichsel / Redekonstruktivistische Malerei
    Leo Wörner / Installationen

  • We have declared it our special goal to provide a platform for young art. In cooperation with the artists, the curators introduce tensing, controversial and progressive tendencies in changing exhibitions.

    Curriculum Jonas Weichsel
    *1982 Darmstadt
    since 2004 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Mainz, class of Prof. Anne Berning
    2009 Exam

    Curriculum Leo Wörner
    *1982 Frankfurt am Main
    since 2003 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Mainz
    since 2004 class of Prof. Winfried Virnich
    2006 Study in Lissabon at Maumaus, Escola de artes visuais
    2009 Exam

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