• Beinroth when measured at the northern tip of the North Island - measurement point # 2916 - Cape Reinga , North Island , New Zealand

    Valentin Beinroth, measurement point #4520, Lake Hawea, New Zealand, 2014

    Valentin Beinroth, measurement point #8011, measuring Photo 02 (180°), Cape Egmont, New Zealand, 2014

    Valentin Beinroth /

    In the Field

    21. May 2016 to 03. July 2016

    Opening Friday, 20. May 2016, at 6.00 pm

  • The artist Valentin Beinroth (*1974), who studied Art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung at Offenbach, combined artistic and scientific strategies and aesthetics in his works. He playfully questions the authority seemingly objective methods of science and museum presentation conditions. Observations, numbers, classification systems and alleged facts are seen by him in the light of the subjective position of the researcher.

    In 2014, the artist-researcher went as part of a travel grant from the Hessische Kulturstiftung for a three-month field study to the other side of the world - on the two main islands of New Zealand Beinroth captured specific empirical data on the general survey. To this end, he developed special optomechanical instruments for passive remote sensing, which are used for reconstruction of the spatial environment of the photographically captured reflection in the meter. With this project, which now enters through the evaluation of the data in its next phase, Beinroth also plays on the fascination of science and to the adventure and romance of researchers’ expeditions and discoveries. The artist will be present at the exhibition current work results.

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