Directions /

By train to Wiesbaden main station /

From Frankfurt Airport
S8 and S9 from platform 3 direction Hauptbahnhof Wiesbaden - ride time: ca. 38 min.

From Frankfurt main station
VIA from platform 23 or 24 - ride time: ca. 35min.
S1/S8/S9 from platform 103 direction Hauptbahnhof Wiesbaden - ride time: ca. 40-50 min.

From Köln main station
ICE with change at Frankfurt Airport - ride time: ca. 100 min.
IC/EC + S - ride time: ca. 140 min.

From Wiesbaden main station /

By foot

From Wiesbaden main station, 10 minutes walk.

By bus

Bus line 1 or 8, bus stop Wilhelmstraße.

By car

There are a limited number of car parking spaces at the house.
(Entrance Kleine Wilhelmstraße 15), CONTIPARK Parkhouse RheinMain CongressCenter (RMCC), corner Frankfurter Straße.