more human than i am alone

For the exhibition Alles im Wunderland, Filmklasse Mainz with John Skoog has produced an alternative documentation that is blurring the boundary between the mechanical-, human- and animal- vision.

Five different toy robots were acquired online and then remodified with spy-cameras integrated onto their chassis. The bee, spider, shark, snake and cockroach were then let lose in the space to shoot the exhibition for a day accompanied by the class. The material they gathered has been edited and published on a newly designed website, proposing another way to visit and experience the exhibition.

The website will be online for the remaining duration of the show and follows the opening hours of the Kunstverein: the documentation is only available during opening-hours, 11-18, and closed on Mondays.

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Used to working together to strategically expand and open up sites of making and showing art, the Filmklasse adjusted to this new situation of limited access to the traditional spaces for art & cinema. There will be further interventions that expand on the themes of Alles im Wunderland, in public and digital space around Wiesbaden throughout the exhibition period. These interventions will be announced as they come.

Filmklasse Mainz //
Laslo Chenchenna, Sina Ebert, Julian Ernst, Norman Eschenfelder, Gloria García Mintegui, Alice Glagau, Selina Hammer, Kara Hondong, Swan Lee, Tomas Loureiro Goncalo, Sophie Meurer, Simon Schiller, Danijel Sijakovic, John Skoog, Hannah Thoese, Roman Widera, Marcin Wierzchowski, Emil Wudtke & featuring Tobias Becker


more human than i am alone, © Filmklasse Mainz 2020
more human than i am alone, Iso Trade 4503 Spider Tarantel: Baoblaze Electric Funny Bee (still), © Filmklasse Mainz 2020
more human than i am alone, © Filmklasse Mainz 2020

Filmklasse Mainz / more human than i am alone