An accordion-fold drawing of a playground swing is packed inside a compact box. Reminiscent of a children’s playground, the image elongates a supposedly fun and safe equipment into a precarious structure. As a nod to Fluxus artists who often disseminated their work by mail, the swing can be made less risky by choosing the way you fold or tear its ticket-like segments along the perforated lines. The drawing evokes stories and situations where ordinary people delicately balance extraordinary scales, characteristic of Taus Makhacheva’s practice. The work represents her artistic method of improvising logistics of contemporary art production, whereby the most complex installations are nimbly packed into a travel suitcase.

Taus Makhacheva / Fold This Way


Year: 2022
print, wood
Signed, numbered, dated on certificate
4 x 8 cm
Edition: 30 + 5 AP
300 € (incl. VAT)