Resonanzräume is a group exhibition by five artists teaching at RheinMain University. In the media of photography, film, and drawing, they explore the question of why the experiences of resonance analyzed by sociologist Hartmut Rosa so rarely succeed, so often fail, need to be reflected upon, and why we permanently long for them. Common to the projects is the goal of bridging the currently ever-deepening gap between aesthetic social research on the one hand and basic research in spatial art on the other.


Juliane Henrich explores resonances by linking data-mining with relics of real mine shafts in her multi-channel video installation Dendriten and by completing text fragments by the mining engineer and early Romantic poet Novalis with the help of AI tools. In his photo series, Theo Steiner reflects on the construction fence as a hard spatial boundary through which the unplanned nevertheless seeps. Kay Fingerle detects the traces and consequences of spatial appropriations in her photo series Raumaufteilung, Gebaute Natur, and Homestories. In his spatial installations, Ralf Kunze takes an alienating look at phenomena commonly classified as beautiful in order to break through perceptual automatisms and value assumptions. In his drawn architectural fantasies, Holger Kleine explores the narrative potential of architectures by making visible the architectural potential of narratives.


20. October 2023 - 17. December 2023


Kay Fingerle / Juliane Henrich / Holger Kleine / Ralf Kunze / Theo Steiner

Opening / Thursday, October 19th 2023, 6 pm