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    "Everything is eggs. The world is an egg. The world is born from the big egg yolk, the sun."

    With these words, the Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers describes the universal power of the small and highly complex structure of nature. The egg has therefore always played a special role in the world's cultures. As world egg, it is the starting point for the entire story of creation, as an egg of Columbus it offers an amazingly simple solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem and since Plutarch, brooding over whether the egg or the hen was first has been one of our fundamental philosophical questions.

    The egg in contemporary art is the theme of our international group exhibition, in which no two eggs are eggsactly the same. And yet the works share one thing in common: they are always up-to-date, exciting and surprising.

    The current situation around the Corona virus also concerns us at the Kunstverein. Our exhibition is completely set up and still unseen behind closed doors. The eggs are "laid" - so let's talk about them! I cordially invite you to follow me on this tour of the exhibition!

    The egg represents the beginning - a new beginning?

    Elke Gruhn
    Head of the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden


    Video tour with Elke Gruhn through the current exhibition Egg

    360° tour of our entire house and our current exhibitions Egg, Paul Haas / Storema und Jace Clayton / White Noise as a Call to Responsibility