• David Horvitz, 20th Century Alienation, 2020, © The Artist

    David Horvitz / 20th Century Alienation

    10. July 2020

    Free Download of David Horvitz / 20th Century Alienation

  • David Horvitz / 20th Century Alienation

    20th Century Alienation is an ABC series of minimalist poems and text works. The words are mostly tags and keywords from photo databases of photographs that are supposed to represent depression and sadness. The 27-page PDF was published by David Horvitz in the midst of the global corona pandemic as "Free-print-your-own-art-work-and-install-it-in-your-bedroom-or-kitchen" (quote DH) . The artist makes his work available for free download and self-installation.

    Free Download of 20th Century Alienation

    About the artist /
    David Horvitz (* 1974, Humboldt, CA, US) studied art at Bard College in the State of New York and is now represented in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including at the New Museum in New York, the Musée d'Art Contemporain Avignon and the Dresden State Art Collections. Most recently, Horvitz war the recipient of the Henraux Foundation Prize in 2018. Forthcoming exhibitions include  the 58th Salon in Belgrade and the High Line Art in New York. He lives and works in Los Angeles. David Horvitz is the Follow Fluxus – After Fluxus 2020 awardee.

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