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The Wiesbaden Grant: Follow Fluxus – After Fluxus

The grant will support emerging international artists whose works are inspired by the Fluxus body of thought and production processes. The endowment will total 10,000 Euro to be used within three months, from June through August. Living quarters and studio space will be provided by NKV during this time. The work stipend will conclude with an exhibition of the artist’s created work in the following year between September and May.

The grant holder should reside predominantly in Wiesbaden for the duration of the grant period. Both national and international artists between the ages of 18 through 47 can be nominated for this grant. The grant is open to all mediums of Visual Arts including Performance Art.

A self-application for this grant is not allowed. The NKV invites representatives of international art institutions that emphasize contemporary art to present one possible candidate for this grant by December 15th. An independent jury will make their selection from the nominated candidates the following February. The jury will be appointed from both NKV and the city of Wiesbaden and is composed of the following:

1. a representative of NKV

2. a representative of the cultural department of the State Capital of Wiesbaden

3. a representative of the Berger Collection, Wiesbaden and

4. two further external advisors, who will be designated from institutions listed in 1-3


Obligations of the Grant Holder

The grant holder commits themself to be actively involved in the stipend-funded exhibition in Wiesbaden, including the mounting and setting up of the exhibition. The stipend recipient grants NKV and the City of Wiesbaden the free and irrevocable right to report on the allocation of the stipend. Also, NKV and the city of Wiesbaden are permitted unlimited usage of all information inclusive of spoken, written, image formats (including film and video) and catalogue information pertaining to the stipend candidates, the award recipient, and their works.

Closing Provision

Incorrect data and failure to comply with the participation requirements will result in the disqualification from the competition and denial of the grant.