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Aslı Sungu

Out of my Hands

Helplessness in situations, which are getting out of control, is made a subject of discussion by the third FOLLOW FLUXUS scholarship holder Aslı Sungu (*1975, Istanbul, TR) in the exhibition OUT OF MY HANDS. Whilst the two video work contrast chaos and control in the everyday life meet abruptly†”a topic, which already examined in preceding works, shows the photo collage displays a strong autobiographic moment.

In the video UNAVOIDABLE (2010) in the context of everyday events misfortunes are at hand: A glass of water threatens to fall of the table, or milk in a pot threatens to over boil. In the last moment a person, the artist, intervenes and tries to prevent the escalation - but can not succeed, as the picture is a reflection.

The second video work INVISIBLE (2010) was shot parallel in open-air swimming pools, the Opelbad in Wiesbaden and in the Cercle d'Orient/Büyük Kulüp in Istanbul: visitors bustle in an overcrowded pool. The impression of chaotic hustle in the water - a familiar picture of the summer - is suddenly interrupted by an individual athletic swimmer, swimming purposefully and in one line his course through the pool. Acting thereby unswerving and apparently is absorbed by the remaining hustle.

UNTOUCHABLE (2010) unites as a slide projection a photo collage of 9 elements. Aslı Sungu photographed her mother from different distances in her appartment in Istanbul. In the presented pictures however is a clearly visible shift of perspective - the further away she is the from her mother, the mother appears more larger and distinct. Vice versa, the closer the two are, the more the mother disappears.

Aslı Sungu laconic picture language underlines her artistic view. The analytic work resembles an experimental design. But she uses solely minimalistic means, in order to increase the perception of the complexity of features from everyday life. Thereby the apparently objective observer becomes a self reflective participant.

A publication and an edition will accompany the exhibition.

Aslı Sungu

*1975 Istanbul, Turkey
Lives and works in Istanbul and Berlin


2005 Master-Examina (Prof. Christiane Möbus)
from 2000 Berlin University of the Arts (Class of Prof. Christiane Möbus)
1999 Mimar Sinan University of the Arts, Istanbul

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 “Farbe Bekennen† Lena Brüning Gallery
2008 “Noise and Silence† Khyber Institute, Halifax, Canada.
2006 Goethe-Institute, Ankara, Turkey.

Selected Group Exhibitions

“Ich weiss was du nicht siehst† Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin
“Artists of the Gallery Part III† Lena Brüning Gallery, Berlin.
“She Devil 4† Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome.


Videoscreening “Artistbooks International† Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Videoscreening “Videospritz† Trieste Contemporanea, Italy.
Videoscreening in Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin.
“Karl Valentin Komik und Kunst seit Fluxus† Stadtmuseum Munich.  
“Nautilus† Städtische Galerie, Nordhorn.
“5 x Video† (Screening) Lena Brüning Gallery
“Move on Asia 2009† Loop Alternative Space, Seoul, Chosun.
“End Game† Loop Alternative Space, Seoul, Chosun.

“Authority† Kunstverein Arnsberg, Arnsberg.
“Moment of Agency†, (Screening) Kunstmuseum Bern, Kunsthalle Basel.
“Here..There..Abroad..† Rum46, Ã…rhus,Denmark.
“Becoming Istanbul†, DAM, Frankfurt am Main.
“Freisteller†, Villa Romana Stipendiaries, Deutsche Guggenheim.
“Erwartung† Wartesaal, Zurich.
“Stockfinster ist es draußen†, group exhibition, Lena Brüning Gallery, Berlin.

Junger Westen, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen.
Frac Franche Comté “les Inattendus†, Musée départemental d’arts et traditions popularizes, Champlitte, France.
Nightcomers, in context of the 10th Istanbul Biennial.
Air pocket, Galerist, Istanbul
“Förderkohle† Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin. (Berliner Senat, working-stipendium)


“Monat der Fotografie†, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin.
“Arabesque Süperiör† Lothringerstraße 13, Munich.
“Jump Cut-Nights† (screening) Musuem Ludwig Cologn
“Exploding Television†- “Sex and Sadness† Witte de Witt, Rotterdam 
“Focus Istanbul† Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin,

“Stadtkunst Bonn† Bonn,  2005    “Videonale 10† Kunstmuseum Bonn

“Wunder der Prärie† International Festival, Mannheim.
“ versa.† Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin.
“Video Programme† Raumpool Showroom, Frankfurt am Main.
“Brothers and Sisters and Birds† Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe

Scholarships and Awards

Delfina Foundation, London.

Villa Romana, Florence.

Junger Westen, Recklinghausen. (Shortlist)
Blau Orange Kunstpreis, ( Shortlist with Claus Richter)
Berliner Senat Arbeitsstipendium.

Goethe-Institute Residency scholarship in Beirut, Lebanon. 


Frac Franche-comté