Kids Program /

Unlike many cases of classical educational work in museums, the exhibits are not copied or interpreted, but form a fertile ground for free, independent work, where children can make their own decisions on content and focus. Sense of community, group ability, social learning, and creativity are tried in principally mixed-age groups.

Most important for us was to be able to offer the events free of charge, so that all children could be welcomed to our events !

DIE KUNST-KOFFER KOMMEN / The Art Cases are Coming

For kids / no registration / for free

...last Saturday of the month / 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

January, 27th 2024
February, 24th 2024
March, 30th 2024
April, 27th 2024
May, 25th 2024
June, 29th 2024
August, 31th 2024
September, 28th 2024
October, 26th 2024
November, 30th 2024