Partners of the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

The Nassauische Kunstverein Wiesbaden is permanently institutionally funded by the Wiesbaden Cultural Deparment.

The Nassauische Kunstverein Wiesbaden is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


The Association of German Art Associations (ADKV) is the umbrella and professional association of the Germany based noncommercial art associations devoted to the presentation and promotion of contemporary art. The ADKV unites the art associations through a cultural political network and represents their interests in political bodies, towards grant providers, through the joint Internet - and press portal, as well as on the international art fair ART COLOGNE. The ADKV sees itself as a mediator between art, politics, media, and the institution Art Association supported by civic commitment. With its work, it underlines their cultural importance, which can look back on a history of over 200 years. Founded 1980 the ADKV unites approximately 300 art associations with over 120,000 committed citizens as members - a unique situation in Europe.

The Wiesbaden Urban Culture Work Group is the merger of more than 30 free culture carriers, initiatives, and societies. It is a work group active on a situational basis in accordance with the wishes of all members. It was founded in 2003 on the occasion of the announcement of major cuts in the city's cultural budget. Since then, the Working Group has intervened repeatedly with statements and actions in the cultural-political discussion. In the debate on the creation of a City Museum in Wiesbaden end of 2014 the work group urged the cultural politicians and city administration to elaborate a Cultural Development Plan as a prerequisite for answering the question how the project City Museum could be financed. The cultural development in the city and thus the future of cultural funding is and remains a crucial issue.

Since 1847, the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden has only been able to fulfill its tasks of promoting and mediating young contemporary art because it is supported by many people, foundations, associations, and companies - whether non-material, monetary, or in the form of donations in kind. For being open to new things in 2019/2020/2021, we thank:

The state capital of Wiesbaden, the magistrate, the cultural department and the cultural office for the permanent institutional funding and the always friendly favor / All artists and their galleries for their wonderful projects / Our members for their loyalty, support and solidarity / The Hessische Kulturstiftung for the trust and the generous support of our projects / The Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain for the unique strengthening of the cultural region and the support of our exhibitions / The Hessian Ministry of Science and Art for the favor and support / The Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn, for the generous support of the exhibition by Britta Thie / The R+V Versicherung for the postage sponsorship of our countless letters / The Naspa for the long-term sponsorship partnership / The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, who together with the Bundesverband Soziokultur e.V. in the program for Corona-related investments in cultural institutions - NEUSTART - made possible the analogue and digital reopening under the latest standards / The RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain and the B3 Biennale of the Moving Image for the good connection to Frankfurt / The Henkell & Söhnlein Sektkellerei KG, Wiesbaden, for the ongoing sparkling and very tasty sponsorship / Theo Baumstark for the friendship, the draining of our water damage and much more / The Ortsbeirat Nord-Ost for the committed support of the oldest art institution in the state capital of Wiesbaden / The Stiftung Kaufmanns Erholungsheime for their completely unexpected but highly valued help with the restoration of the historical parquet / The SCHUFA Holding AG, Wiesbaden, for the initiation and financing of the student project in the Kunstsverein, the friendship and trusting cooperation / The Arbeitskreis Stadtkultur and Margarethe Goldmann for the committed representation of interests of all cultural institutions in Wiesbaden / Dorothea Angor for her tireless fight for culture in the city / The cultural economy committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wiesbaden for the great commitment / The U.S. Embassy Frankfurt for the friendship and the flying in of the artists / The WorkART program for the productive cultural exchange / The Wiesbaden Museum and the Friends of the Wiesbaden Museum, who are also our friends / The Hessian State Theater, the Bellevue Saal, the SAM, the St. Augustine of Canterbury and the Literaturhaus for the cooperative neighborhood / The Frankfurters: Galerie Anita Beckers, Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Galerie Neue Alte Brücke, MMK, Portikus, the Städelschule and the master's degree Curatorial Studies and the HfG Offenbach for the committed cooperation, generous technology lending and the always very good cooperation / The Crespo Foundation, the IGS Wollenbergschule Wetter, the Marburg-Biedenkopf district, Friederike Schönhut and the Hessian Ministry of Culture for landing the flying classroom in Wiesbaden / The Schloss Freudenberg and Bernhard Stichelmair, who offered Viviana Abelson space, fire and security / The Kunststiftung NRW for the promotion of the catalog by Rune Mields / Christopher Uerlings for his outstanding VR skills / Nazey Kulu, Naz Oke, Knud Zilian and Sylvia Kuck, the DJV Landesverband Hessen, Wiesbaden, Claudia Gehre, Michael Arzt and the Halle 14, Leipzig, for the extremely productive and pleasant collaboration on the exhibition To every age its art / To art its freedom / Stefan Körner for the security he gave our guests / Günter Schmitteckert for his advice / The Sammlung House N in Athens-Berlin-Kiel for deep insights and, above all, outsights in Kiel / Horst Becker, Dr. Alexander de Faria, HERUS e.V., Wiesbaden, Ferrero Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt / Stadtallendorf, the Hessische Hausstiftung, Kronberg im Taunus, the Mineralogical Museum Fersman, Moscow, and Clotilde von Rintelen, who made a decisive contribution to the realization of the exhibition Egg / David Strebel for the golden journey through time with the "Easter Egg" and the Frog / The Medienzentrum Wiesbaden e.V., the Fresenius University and the Helene-Lange-Schule for a movie-like collaboration on the subject of Heimat / The Art and Culture Foundation Opelvillen Rüsselsheim and the German Leather Museum in Offenbach am Main for the success of our favorite cooperation Artentreffen along the RMV-S-Bahn line 8 / The RMV Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund GmbH for the free ride / The Wall GmbH for the tireless billposting / Roman Krupskyy and Axel Graumann for making the right (fly) tone / John Skoog and the film class of the Mainz Academy of Art for the animal perspective / GUDE, Groß-Umstadt, who have provided, would have provided and hopefully will provide us with liquids for the Short Night / The exground filmfest and the Caligari Filmbühne for the synergetic cooperation that has been excellent for years / The ADKV (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine), Berlin, for support in all matters / The Kulturbeirat of the state capital of Wiesbaden for its commitment in matters of art and culture / The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences for the very good and creative cooperation / The Follow Fluxus juries, who find the pearl in the large selection / Axel Graumann, because he is always there when you need him / Keno Graumann for nonchalance, know-how and tireless commitment to desinfection / Britta Fischer Public Relations, Wiesbaden, for the best ideas, brainstorming, commitment and controlling / CLDES Corporate Design & Strategy, Wiesbaden, for shining with a refreshed design and in 360° / Manuela Jöckel and DornManhart Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, Hochheim, for the financial overview / Angela von Zitzewitz for her reliability in terms of numbers and finances / Mike Carter for our written bilingualism and a functioning IT network in the office / Gerrit von Velsen for the always beautiful flowers / Dr. Elke Ullrich for linguistic sense and orthographic perfection / Christian Lauer for the professional exhibition views and technical rescue in all IT emergencies / Rolf Toyka for his architectural visions and his fantastic reception at the Minimum Distance Art Market / Irmela Joppen for her great willingness to help and her patience with long Excel lists and Easy Verein, which is sometimes not that easy / Ingrid Groos as an almost inexhaustible source of information / Inge Naumann for her generous and uncomplicated help / Thilo von Debschitz and the Q Kreativgesellschaft, Wiesbaden, for the spontaneous and generous support and the design and maintenance of the homepage of Aeham Ahmad / Sara Nabil and Aeham Ahmad for their friendship and help with our project Here! And now? / Helmut Adam for the best, nicest and most professional transport service in the world / Annalena Kluge from klugedesign for the thoughtful, patient and always perfect implementation of our many graphic last-minute special requests / Titus Grab and Sarah Kottenbrink that are right in the middle for us and the children / Ross Rendell for spontaneous translations / For the completely unexpected 25th, 26th and 27th door in the advent calendar: Dr. Georg F. Bolz, Arno Goßmann with Jenny Willet-Goßmann and Andreas Lauhoff (3deluxe) / Zaeske and Partner Architects, Wiesbaden, for the design planning and cost calculation of a hopefully soon elevator system for the Kunstverein / Den ESWE Stadtwerke Wiesbaden AG for the bus card for our Follow-Fluxus scholarship holders and other donations / The Bürgerinitiative Gemeinwohl hat Vorfahrt for their commitment to culture in Wiesbaden / The Graupner-Archiv e.V., Schlangenbad, for the friendly donations / Klaus Krafthöfer, Wiesbaden, for golden shine, red light and sparkling water in Ben's Bar / Thoma Druck, Dreieich, for the super-fast printing / Wienholtz Beschriftungen, Darmstadt, for the always reliable and fast execution of our last-minute inquiries / Sophia Sarbinowski, Julia Crowley, Selina Grill, Julia Ballweg dos Santos, Bennett Suhr and Kaya Pack for their active commitment / The Estate Benjamin Patterson, Hamburg, for the ongoing collaboration and the beautiful memories / The Ute and Michael Berger Collection, Wiesbaden, for their ongoing friendship and imaginative loans and gifts as well as for the generous view of Ben Patterson's 1st Wiesbaden studio / The Wiesbaden Casino for the repeatedly spontaneous support / ours committed board of trustees for the good network and the great support in the background / the countless unnamed small and large sponsors well as our Curatorium and of course, our members!

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