Fryd Frydendahl / electric connection

June 7th until July 31st 2024

The exhibition electric connection is a collection of photographs the Danish artist Fryd Frydendahl Frydendahl took between 2009 and 2024, a mixture of the past and present, portraiture, still lifes, and just life. Frydendahl breaks the conventions of traditional portrait-based photography and uniquely conveys

a journey for the viewer into an intimate space. A space where you encounter universal topics such as grief, loneliness, identity, friendship, and family ties. The portraits contain fragility, enthusiasm, innocence, naivety, beauty, and awkwardness. Frydendahl involves herself, her family, and friends in her work, creating sensitive and relevant photographs with a distinct voice and compelling visual poetry. Her approach is intuitive, attentive, and inseparable from her images. Her work is imbued with a sincere fragility and often reveals deep incisions into complex emotions and situations.

The exhibition is a Partner Project of the international Triennial of Photography RAY 2024. All information and further exhibitions are available at