Annea Lockwood / Piano Garden

The Piano Transplants by New Zealand composer Annea Lockwood (born July 29, 1939 in Christchurch) is a series that envisages radical interventions in Western music's most iconic instrument. Lockwood's Scores are pioneering sound works that push the boundaries of the art of composition with the chaotic addition of natural forces. The performance of the score Piano Garden will take place on July 16th, 2022, on the occasion of the 175th birthday of the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden and the exhibition Hier spielt die Musik! and will then be permanently visible and overgrown in the garden in front of the Kunstverein.

Piano Garden
Dig a sloping trench and slip an upright piano in sideways so that it is half interred.
A small grand piano may be set down amongst bushes etc.
Plant fast growing trees and creepers around the pianos.
Do not protext against weather and leave the pianos there forever.

"There are now four Piano Gardens, three of them permanent: in Wiesbaden, at Caramoor Center for the Arts - NY, in Wales and in Melbourne, Australia. Amazing!" - Annea Lockwood

Annea Lockwood, Piano Garden, Photo: Chris Ware
Annea Lockwood, Piano Garden, Photo: Christian Lauer

Annea Lockwood / Piano Garden, 2022