On trees, house walls or balconies. The entrance of the nest box should face east, facing away from the bad weather side.

Protection from enemies
The nest box should be placed in such a way that it is inaccessible to the cats. Trees are relatively easy to protect, for example by wrapping the tendrils of wild roses around the trunk at a height of about one and a half meters.

Removing old nests
In autumn, the nest box must be emptied and cleaned. If the birds breed twice a year, the old nest must be removed as soon as the nest box is empty.

"The nest box is an object with an everyday function"
- created on the occasion of the Wiesbaden Festival in 1992 for Fluxus' 30th birthday, it hangs in a tree, clearly visible from the balcony of the Kunstverein. The cleaning is supported by the Wiesbaden fire brigade.


Maria Eichhorn, Nistkasten, 1992, Courtesy: Maria Eichhorn.

Maria Eichhorn / Nistkasten, 1992