39 Art Day was initiated by a Germany-based Japanese artist Yoshiaki Kaihatsu (www.yoshiakikaihatsu.com) in 2000 to foster the appreciation of contemporary art in Japan, the country where support for contemporary art is still weak at best,
if not altogether absent. In Japanese, "thank you" rhymes with 3/9 (san-kyuu), because there is no "th" sound in Japanese and the Japanese people tend to pronounce "th" as "s." Thus, the Day of 39 Art on March 9.


Yoshiaki Kaihatsu / Thank You Art Day

09. March 2010 - 09. March 2010


39 Art Day (Thank You Art Day) is a special day to appreciate, promote, and otherwise positively
engage ourselves in contemporary art worldwide.

We invite you to a glass of champagne on that day and your visit of the NKV is free of charge.