The Art Cases are comming offer children individual encouragement through artistic practices. The materials provided, such as clay, paint or wood, invite the children to express their imagination. There are no result-oriented guidelines. The program focuses on personal development and self-determined decisions. Children can be strengthened for the future through haptic, sensual, manual and social support.

We are looking forward to see you! Bring your family and friends!

Save the date 2023

last Saturday of the month / 3 pm to 5 pm
free, no registration and for everyone

28. January 2023
25. February 2023
25. March 2023
29. April 2023
27. May 2023
24. June 2023
29. July 2023
30. September 2023
28. October 2023
25. November 2023

The Art Cases are coming
Luisa, 8 years old

The Art Cases are coming