Dan Halter (*1977, Zimbabwe) lives and works in Capetown. In a playful and cryptical way he addresses the history and presence of the countries of Southern Africa and his own identity as white Zimbabwean. The NKV presents three of his works in a cabinet exhibition.

RIFUGIATO MAPPA DEL MONDO (2011) is a map of the world, which was sewn together from new and used plastic bags by the Zimbabwean refugee Sibongile Chinjonjo. In line with infographics the particularly worn out spots on the map refer to places, where people are fleeing.

In Ghana the same cross-hatched plastic bags are called „Ghana must go “- bag - a term, referring to mass deportation of immigrants from this African country. GHANA MUST GO QUILT 1 (2011) refers across the epochs to the individual dimension of each migration movement.

The title of the work SAMIZDAT (THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM, IN THEORY) (2011) stood in the USSR for the unofficial dissemination of literature which was critical of the system. This corresponds to the complex making of a book page, which Dan Halter presents in a picture frame. It is not a printed page but a fabric made of fine printed paper strips.

Dan Halter / Mappa del Mondo

06. November 2011 - 18. December 2011


Opening: Saturday, November 5, 2011, 5 to 8 pm

curated by Elke Gruhn and Sara Stehr