The title quoting the first words of the former romanian national anthem, refers to a variety of artistic positions that research the diverse forms of participation in the political areas of tension of the society. Concepts as identity, creation of symbols, power, nationalization, assimilation, exclusion are analysed on social and personal level by east and central european artists. Versatile forms of media will be at use: painting, drawing, objects, projections, animation, installations, interactive works, raw materials, project plans and documents.

The exhibition is sponsored by Robert Bosch Foundation.

Partner-project of goEast Film Festival

I know three colours on the earth

25. April 2010 - 13. June 2010


Opening Saturday, April 24, 2010 / 5 to 8 pm


Dragoş Burlacu / Szabolcs KissPál / István László / Ciprian Muresan / Csaba Nemes / Joanne Richardson / Zsolt Tibor / Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor


curated by Ágnes Sebestyén, cultural manager and scholarship holder of the „Cultural managers from Central and Eastern Europe“ programme of the Robert Bosch Foundation

co-curated by Elke Gruhn