In the lenticular prints of the series props, Julian Irlinger (*1986, Erlangen) addresses the relationship between the economy, the public and art in the digital age. One can see views of the Frick Collection in New York, which offers a virtual tour of its exhibition rooms on its website. Irlinger combines screenshots of this virtual tour with images of the same rooms by the mega-corporation Google, which started the Google Art Project in 2011. Depending on the viewing angle, one shot overlays the other and stands out from the other. In order to fully perceive the image, one has to move. This eliminates the property of virtual tours of being able to visit foreign places without moving.

Julian Irlinger / props


Year: 2020
Lenticular print on cardboard
Postcard set with 4 motifs; signed, dated and numbered. Certificate in gray cardboard box
Edition: 15 + 10 AP
360 € (incl.VAT)