NKVextra shows an insight into the multifaceted work of the Tehran-based artist Jinoos Taghizadeh (* 1971, Tehran) parallel to the exground Film Festival 2016. In her work, she is searching for a way of reconciliation between the reality, the facts, and the strands of the social system of her homeland.

Three cinematic works show an excerpt of the versatility of her artistic approach which always puts the Iranian society in the field of view. In Nazr she documented a performance from the year 2003, which deals with the meaning of the term "Nazr" (Farsi for “sacrifice/donation" but also as verb "warning") and cinematically transforms the Islamic concept of the sacrifice of a less valuable gift in expectation of a gift of higher value.

The video work Good Night (2009) from the series of Rock, Paper, Scissors was created on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. A melody of a Lullaby can be heard which is sung by a woman, the picture shows the light arm movement to keep the cradle in motion. But the lulling melody conceals revolutionary anthems.

In her more recent work Production Line (2015), Jinoos Taghizadeh shows an apparent documentary on the traditional making of a bronze sculpture. Characterized by irony, however, is the choice of the actual object, because the bronze casting is produced in all care modeling several pieces of dog excrements.

Jinoos Tahizadeh (* 1971, Tehran) does not only address the world as an artist, but also in her role as an Iranian. She understands her work as a multisensory experience that does not distinguish between images, words, texts and sounds. The difficulties as an artist in the Iran to publicly visualize her work effectively, is bypassed by her clever linking of already existing narrative (audio documents) with personal images to seemingly harmless works, so called "mind maps".

Jinoos Tahizadeh works have already been shown in international exhibitions, yet the basis of their work remains the Iran, where beyond her on their own work she is also engaged in the enforcement of other artistic projects.

Jinoos Taghizadeh, film still "Good Night" from the series "Rock, Paper, Scissor", 2009.
Jinoos Taghizadeh, Production Line, 2015, installation view at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, 2016, Photo: Christian Lauer.

NKVextra Jinoos Taghizadeh / Black Box

05. November 2016 - 11. December 2016


Opening / Friday, November 12th, 2016 at 6 p.m.

In cooperation with the exground filmfest 29 /
November 11th - 20th 2016