In her first institutional solo exhibition, the prizewinner of the Cologne Media University Rahel Pötsch appears in an extensive video installation. The video shows the painter in interaction with her workspace staged as a paper backdrop.

While in Nedko Solakov's A life (Black and White) from 1998, the act of constantly overpainting is conducted by performers, in 5 Eimer Weiß – 3 Eimer Orange Rahel Pötsch lends herself a hand. She paints in a quiet, almost meditative movement, with a brush over the paper setting, which is typical for photographs and seems to merge with the artist in a picturesque way. On the other hand, she unexpectedly becomes an antipode, an agile inhabitant of the mysterious artistic environment. These mood changes are accompanied by contemplative sounds and ritual chants.

Using stop-motion technique, the backdrop eventually seems to have a life of its own and reacts to the artist's actions. The painter becomes embraced by the paper backdrop and the video in turn receives something sculptural through the projection onto a space-consuming paravent. Rahel Pötsch breaks with the actual characteristics of her chosen media.

About the artist /
Rahel Pötsch (*1987, Berlin) has been a visiting student with Amy Sillman and Monika Baer at the Städelschule in Frankfurt since 2017. After receiving her diploma of painting with distinction at the HGB Leipzig with Neo Rauch and H.C. Ottersbach, she studied at the Academy of Media Arts with Johannes Wohnseifer and Raimund Krumme. She has already participated in several exhibitions in Germany and abroad and in 2015 she received the Prize of Friends of the Cologne Media College.

The audiovisual installation was created in collaboration with Ayla Pierrot Arendt (*1987, Munich). Before graduating in 2016 with a degree in choreography and performance at the Gießen Institute of Applied Theater Studies under Prof. Bojana Kunst, she studied painting with Prof. Amelie v. Wulffen at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Rahel Pötsch, 5 Eimer Weiß - 3 Eimer Orange, 2017, Courtesy and ©: The artist.
Rahel Pötsch, 5 Eimer Weiß - 3 Eimer Orange, 2017, Courtesy and ©: The artist.

NKVextra Rahel Pötsch / 5 Eimer Weiß – 3 Eimer Orange

25. May 2018 - 08. July 2018


Opening / Thursday 24th May, 2018, from 6pm