The exhibition in the NKV is Takahiro Iwasaki (*1975 Hiroshima) first solo exhibition in Germany. With his like miniatures appearing sculptures he addresses the overcoming of space and time. Iwasaki uses mundane materials such as books, towels and plastic bags, to create his fragile urban and nature like landscapes.. The tranquillity and calmness of his work invite the visitor to contemplative moments and celebrates the utmost care taken by the artist.
In his art Takahiro Iwasaki draws parallels to the old Japanese Shikinen Sengu ceremony as well as to the Japanese poet Basho Matsuo (1644-94),  one of the most important representatives of the Japanese verse form Haiku. Sometimes his own art seems abstracted in time, when everyday things are transferred to a higher purpose, that of art.
Takahiro Iwasaki lives and works in Hiroshima, Japan. He is represented by the gallery ARATANIURANO in Tokyo.

Supported by Hessische Kulturstiftung and The Japan Foundation

Takahiro Iwasaki / Nonlocality

23. January 2011 - 06. March 2011


Opening / Saturday, January 22nd, 5 to 8pm, the artist is present
curated by Elke Gruhn, Sara Stehr and Philipp Pflug