The NKV presents Kirsten Reibolds video work ATTEMPT of a VERTICAL: Three monitors are setup as in a conference. Abstracted by increased contrast a tie moves vertically through two of the screens. On the third screen a text scrolls from bottom to top. In it utopia and science intermingle in relation to a journey to the moon - with or without an elevator. The melody of a song, composed by Bertolt Brecht and Hans Eisler, from the collection of "cradle songs for mothers of the working class": "My son, what ever may become of you" is irregularly played back into the scenery. The three monitors, the video pictures and the music are rhythmically arranged with each other, so that the individual parts can interact. In this work the verticality is unveiled as a principle of power. Kirsten Reibolds studies Fine Arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst - Städelschule in Frankfurt/Main.

Kirsten Reibold / Versuch einer Vertikalen

23. January 2011 - 06. March 2011


Opening: January 22, 2011, 5 to 8pm, the artist is present


curated by Elke Gruhn and Sara Stehr